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How to become a tax client


Complete tax questionnaire

Before meeting, you'll complete a short questionnaire that will help us get a better understanding of your situation. You'll also upload relevant tax documents to our online portal so that we can review & be prepared for our call.

Required documents will depend on your situation, but oftentimes include:

• 3 most recent years of individual tax returns with states

• 3 most recent years of individual tax returns with states

• Online accounting file for business(es) or prior year & current year-to-date financial statements

• Business entity creation documents filed with the state - Articles of Incorporation, Partnership Agreement, etc.

• Depreciation schedules, if not included in business tax returns

Get Started Today

We'll review your responses & schedule a review call

After completing the questionnaire and form submission, we'll reach out to schedule your free consultation. In this meeting, we review your situation together and walk through how Allmon, DiBernardo, & Associates may be able to assist.

After this meeting, we'll create a proposal that includes breakdowns of potential tax savings (below) & a list of our services:


We'll prepare recommendations

After becoming a tax planning client, we'll prepare a full plan that includes recommendations & strategy explanations.


Start implementation

Once you have reviewed your tax plan in detail, we'll schedule a time to finalize your tax plan and determine which positions we will move forward with, and how they may be reflected in your upcoming tax returns.


Request a free consultation

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