Our Media Mentions
Bucket List Estate Planning: An Accountant's Perspective -  (California CPA Magazine, January 2024)

Recession Protection: Strategies to Protect Small Businesses - (California CPA Magazine, August 2023)

Certain Uncertainty—Avoiding Traps for the Unwary - (California CPA Magazine, August 2022)

"Life Planning" - Documents Clients Need for Effective Estate Transfer & Tax Planning - Published in California CPA March/April 2021

Asset Pouring—California Enacts a New Decanting Statute for Trusts – Published in California CPA January/February 2019

CPAs & Estate Planning- Should the CPA be Involved- and if so, how? - Published in California CPA March/April 2018

Tax Reform Impacts on Estate Planning. Published at CalCPA Education Foundation December 2017

“Preserving The Blessing of Wealth Through Estate Planning”. Published in California CPA November 2017

“Through the Green Visor” A Holistic Approach to Estate Planning. Published in California CPA March/April 2017

“Trust Building” A CPA’s guide to serving as a client’s trustee. Published in California CPA September 2016.

“Making the Grade” Provides insight as to how CPAs can answer the common client question, “Is my money manager doing a good job?” Published in the August 2015 issue of California CPA Magazine.

“Statement of the Future” Addresses the new Statement on Standards for Accounting and Review No. 21 (SSARS 21), which clarifies and revises the existing standards for reviews, compilations and engagements by accountants in public practice who prepare financial statements for clients. Published in the January/February 2015 issue of California CPA Magazine.

Financing the Future: Retirement Planning Analysis: The Ultimate Financial Planning Tool Discusses and advises on various aspects of retirement planning. Published in the November/December 2014 issue of the Accountant (Oregon Society of CPA’SAlso published in the September 2014 issue of California CPA.

Digital Assets - Modern, Practical Estate Planning Considerations Modern estate planning should include instructions as to digital assets. Published in the January/February 2014 issue of California CPA Magazine.

Taxing Thoughts This article addresses the importance of conducting Estate Planning discussions with clients. Published in the March/April 2013 issue of California CPA Magazine

The CPAs Role in Estate Planning and Administration-A Practical ‘How To’ Guide Published in the August 2012 issue of California CPA Magazine

Interact – Social Media Guide for CPAs Evaluates techniques for utilizing the growing opportunities for CPAs and their firms in the world of social media. Published in the 2011 issue of Caifornia Society of CPA’s Technology & Business Resource Guide.

Money Talks: Preparing Spouses to Deal with Financial Planning: Advises couples to engage in open communication about various financial matters in order to improve their relationship. Published in July 2010 issue of California CPA Magazine.

Estate Planning: Time for a Tuneup Discusses the importance of CPAs in the estate planning process. Published in January 2009 issue of Journal of Accountancy Magazine by the AICPA.

Changing Landscape: Are Aging Baby Boomers Ready for Retirement Discusses various methods of saving for retirement in a changing economic landscape. Published in September 2008 issue of California CPA Magazine.

Estate Planning 101: What Every CPA Should Know Outlines various caveats of estate planning and discuss helpful methods for applying federal estate tax rules. Published in June 2008 issue of California CPA Magazine.

FLP Litigation: Discusses recent cases that affect Family Limited Partnerships, and guidance on how to administer an FLP. Published in March 2006 issue of California CPA Magazine.

CPA’s as Trust Protectors Describes the duties of trust protectors and how they can keep trusts up-to-date. Published in March 2007 Journal of Accountancy Magazine by the AICPA.

Rescuing Pension Rescue Plans: Dealing With the IRD Problem is More Difficult, But Still Workable: Updates readers on this issue based on a February 2004 Revenue Ruling. Published in August 2004 issue of California CPA Magazine.

An 80% Tax Bracket? Beware the Hidden Tax Trap of IRD: Discusses the possibility of extremely high estate and income taxes applicable to “income in respect of a decedent.” Published in the December 2003 issue of California CPA Magazine

FLP Audit Triggers: Family Limited Partnerships Raise Red Flags at IRS: Published in May 2002 issue of California CPA Magazine.

Natural Fiduciaries: Summarizes CPA skills and expertise that make CPAs a natural choice for fiduciary roles such as executor or trustee. Published in November 2001 issue of California CPA Magazine

Extended Payout – IRS Eases Rules for Retirement Account Distributions: Explains January 2001 tax changes to the rules regarding distributions from retirement plans (co-authored by Michael B. Allmon). Published on May 25, 2001 in the Los Angeles Daily Journal.

It’s Impossible to Avoid Death, But You Might Avoid Taxes: Michael discusses the proposed changes to the estate tax and suggests specific estate planning devices that should be utilized even if proposed estate tax changes become law. Published on August 2, 2000 in the San Francisco Chronicle. Published on July 28, 2000 in the East Bay Business Times as Feds Should Separate Death and Taxes on Estates. Published on July 27, 2000 on Accountingweb.com (Internet site) as Separating Death and Taxes. Published in July 2000 issue of Accounting Web as How Can I Avoid Estate Taxes for My Heirs?

Should Clients Use a CUTMA Account to Save for their Children’s Education?: Discusses the estate and financial implications of CUTMAs and alternatives to correct problems from the use of CUTMAs. Published in November 1999 Monthly Statement of California Society of CPAs.

Family Limited Partnerships in Financial and Estate Planning: Analyzes the use of entities in financial and estate planning. In 1999, this article was cited as legal authority by a California law book, CEB’s California Limited Liability Companies. Published on December 1994 in the California Business Law Practitioner.

Planning for the Suddenly Wealthy: Provides advice to those who acquire wealth suddenly from an advisor’s point of view. Published in the February/March 1989 edition of Practical Financial Planning.