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A look at how we work with our clients:
Client: Richard Moore
*Names have been changed to maintain client confidentiality
Age: 57
Established Businesses: 3
Estimated Net Worth: $5.2 million
Looking For: A tax-efficient sale of the businesses, succession planning, retirement planning, and tax preparation services
The Situation

Richard was the founder of a profitable consulting firm, which he had grown over the past 10 years. He had decided he wanted to sell the practice and enjoy his success with his family, and he reached out to Allmon, DiBernardo & Associates to seek guidance on the most tax-efficient approach to selling his firm.

Our Approach

As part of our business planning service, we create scenarios that show the potential tax impact of exiting your business and devise cutting-edge exit strategies to minimize the tax so that more of your hard-earned wealth is preserved for you and your family.

The Results

After working with Allmon, DiBernardo, & Associates, Richard was able to sell his practice and avoid nearly all of the capital gains tax on exit using a basis maximization strategy designed by our firm.

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