Bill Paying Services

bill paying services

Allmon, DiBernardo & Associates CPAs and Wealth Strategists, LLP provides bill paying as part of our family office services for successful individuals and families. We'll organize and manage your day-to-day bookkeeping and bill paying so you're free for other pursuits. Our bill paying services are flexible and customized to fit each client’s unique situation and specific needs.

Overseeing your daily financial affairs provides us with a comprehensive understanding of your financial and tax situation. We use this special insight to create highly-effective tax strategies to preserve your wealth. We'll make sure your personal and business bookkeeping also flows seamlessly into tax information at year-end, saving you money in tax preparation services.

When you work with us, we'll keep a close eye on your books and will become the financial advisor you rely on for sound advice. Find out how our Los Angeles CPA firm can keep your personal bookkeeping up to date and accurate. Call us today at 310-536-0200 or request a free consultation through our website.

Personal bookkeeping and billing paying:

  • Managing and paying bills
  • Personal bookkeeping
  • Bank account reconciliations
  • Transferring funds and making deposits
  • Personal CFO services
  • Management of family-owned business entities
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements
  • Coordination of all income tax filings and estimated payments
  • Management of recurring transactions
  • Insurance evaluation
  • Property management
  • Household employee payroll management